Mock Draft Strategies Series Preview

The Lateral (@TheLateralFF

As anyone who has played fantasy football for a number of years knows, there are a bunch of different ways to draft a team. Some strategies and philosophies are better than others and they all have varying degrees of success depending how rigid you are. We at The Lateral encourage doing mock drafting, but we thought why not take it a step further and have us tell you about our mock drafts?

Utilizing a different strategy or philosophy every week, both Charles Herrmann (@HermsNFL) and Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF) will do 5 public, 12-team PPR mock drafts a piece on ESPN and Yahoo (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, K, DST) respectively from varying draft positions. After combining their notes and perspectives, strategies
 like taking a QB early vs waiting, Zero RB, Zero WR, etc. will be played out by the pair and put into a weekly article released on Mondays on how they feel about the outcomes both good and bad. Not only will they be looking at individual players and their values, but also more of a macro perspective on how overall roster construction is affected depending on application of the various philosophies. 

The methodology itself is fairly simple. Charles and Malcolm will look at:

  • Who they picked based on the strategy
  • Who they left on the board based on the strategy
  • Who they acquired to make up for passing on a player/position
  • General strengths of the roster(s)
  • General weaknesses of the roster(s)

By getting a feel for not only who you take but also who you pass on, the goal of this series is to ultimately figure out all the risks, rewards and values and determine how both Charles and Malcolm will recommend building your team in 2020. We hope you enjoy the series and hope you find it to be useful! The first piece is coming on Monday August 3.

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