2020 Season: Week 5 Sunday Morning Preview


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Welcome to the Sunday Morning Preview! Hopefully last night you poured yourself a drink, read our Saturday Nightcap, and woke up feeling refreshed for a full day of watching football while your significant other gives you the side-eye for paying attention to your scores on your phone than the game you are making them watch.

Still, sometimes things change during the night. Players are confirmed "Out" with an injury that was "Questionable" only the day before, people tinker with their lineups while you slept and suddenly there is someone left on waivers that you did not notice before.

That is what this preview is here for! You will find the biggest injury updates and reminders, along with a waiver recommendation at each position for Yahoo and ESPN in case you still have a spot that needs shoring up for today's games.

Week 5 Sunday Morning Preview

Special COVID-19 Update

The Denver Broncos at New England Patriots game has officially been moved to next Sunday, and the Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans game looks likely to follow suit. Plan accordingly.

Key Injury Updates

Julio Jones (INACTIVE, Hamstring): Julio is a game-time decision, and given the high injury risk and the bad match-up, I would officially recommend benching him. UPDATE: Julio is now INACTIVE for Week 5.

Breshad Perriman (DOUBTFUL, Ankle): Perriman is not expected to play, which considering Joe Flacco is under center is probably the outcome the Jets wideout was hoping for anyway.

Joe Mixon (QUESTIONABLE, Shin): Mixon is expected to play, but is going up against the Ravens defense in a tough match-up. You have to start him, but you do not have to like it.

Most of the Baltimore Ravens: QB Lamar Jackson (QUESTIONABLE, Knee), TE Mark Andrews (QUESTIONABLE, Thigh), and WR Marquise Brown (QUESTIONABLE, Knee) are all expected to play per Adam Schefter, who misses Ian Rapoport, the Joker to his Batman.

Deebo Samuel (QUESTIONABLE, Illness): Samuel was already past the injury that had him on IR earlier this year, and is now expected to play despite an illness. Yet somehow I am still all aboard the Aiyuk train.

Henry Ruggs III (QUESTIONABLE, Knee/Hamstring): Ruggs is hopeful to play, but it remains to be seen whether he will be good enough to start in a fantasy lineup. Hold off this week even if he is ultimately cleared.

Raheem Mostert (QUESTIONABLE, Knee): Mostert should be good to go per Schefter. Play him, but Jerick McKinnon should still very much be relevant going forward.

BONUS JONAS ROUND: Chase Young (QUESTIONABLE, Groin): The stud Washington DE is finally back, and between him being in and Haskins literally unable to play this week, Riverboat Ron and the Fightin' Football Team may show signs of that Week 1 standout performance.

Key Injury Reminders

As always, check out The Lateral Editor-in-Chief Charles Herrmann's Saturday Nightcap to get his takes on the injuries we have been monitoring going into Sunday's games.

Top Waiver Players Yahoo

(QB) Daniel Jones [34% Rostered Yahoo/26.9% Rostered ESPN]: 

Was going to be Ryan Tannehill, but COVID-19 had other plans. Unfortunately, it is slim pickings in Yahoo leagues for QB, and of the potential streaming QBs, Daniel Jones adds the most value with his legs and has a good match-up against the Dallas Cowboys defense. The biggest concern here is obviously that the New York Football Giants offense is almost as bad as the Cowboys defense, and something has to give this week. Still, if you are still looking for a QB, Jones may very well be your best available option.

(RB) Justin Jackson [38% Rostered Yahoo/49.7% Rostered ESPN]: 

Chargers RBs had been averaging 25.38 PPR points through four weeks, and given that Austin Ekeler is now officially on IR with a very serious hamstring/knee injury, Justin Jackson has a serious shot at some of those points for an extended period. While Joshua Kelley seems to be getting the shot at the starting role, he has had a fumbling problem as of late, and the leash from coach Anthony Lynn may be a short one. Jackson should worse case be expecting about a quarter to a third of the fantasy points that Chargers RBs generate in a given week, as that has been the pattern so far this season when the split was Ekeler and Kelley, but the best-case scenario could be him supplanting Kelley for the starting job, which would be a massive role for a player so widely available. Charles went in-depth on this backfield before the season started, so make sure to read that here.

(WR) Greg Ward [12% Rostered Yahoo/16.7% Rostered ESPN]: 

Was going to be Tim Patrick but COVID-19 had other plans. Pittsburgh is not an especially terrible match-up for Ward, and the Eagles WR has been a solid WR3/FLEX the past two weeks, as Carson Wentz has basically no other WRs. This will be the case again in Week 5, as WRs Alshon Jeffrey and Desean Jackson are still out, and nobody even remembers that J.J. Arcega Whiteside even exists. There is a chance this is a dud and the Steelers shut the Eagles down, but I am optimistic Ward returns FLEX value if nothing else.

(TE) Mo Alie-Cox [37% Rostered Yahoo/20.9% Rostered ESPN]: 

I have written about Antonio Gates 2.0 ad nauseam (no seriously, it is making me sick that he is still so widely available), so you can check out "Week 5 Boom/Bust" for the plethora of links to my writings on the Colts TE. If you need a longer-term TE, but not one you can for this week, you could also consider stashing Jimmy Graham, who had another good performance on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

(DST) Carolina Panthers [1% Rostered Yahoo/1.8% Rostered ESPN]: 

Denver was an option till COVID-19 postponed their game against New England until Week 6. I like the Panthers as a boom pick for Week 5, and it really comes down to their being a good pass defense that generates turnovers against an Atlanta team that mostly passes the ball.

(K) Randy Bullock [27% Rostered Yahoo/54.1% ESPN]: 

Chose him as a boom pick for Week 5, and went in-depth on him for "Week 5 Waiver Wire." The tougher match-up just means more chances for long field goals.

Top Waiver Players ESPN

(QB) Teddy Bridgewater [39.2% Rostered ESPN/52% Rostered Yahoo]: 

Charles covered Bridgewater pretty heavily this week, with a write up in "Week 5 Waiver Wire" and "Week 5 Boom/Bust." He was confident enough to make Bridgewater his boom pick and the only reason I did not follow suit is that Bridgewater is already so highly projected. The Panthers QB is the clear streaming option this week if you are in need.

(RB) Chase Edmonds [43.9% Rostered ESPN/62% Rostered Yahoo]: 

Go to this week's boom/bust article, where I go pretty deep on why Chase Edmonds not only is a must roster but a boom candidate for this week.

(WR) Tee Higgins [40.5% Rostered ESPN/52% Rostered Yahoo]: 

At this point, I have written about Higgins almost as much as I have written about Mo Alie-Cox. Yahoo fantasy managers seem to have got on, but ESPN managers still have a chance to catch their league-mates sleeping for another week.

(TE) Eric Ebron [35.8% Rostered ESPN/51% Rostered Yahoo]: 

Eric Ebron is another player that Charles has doubled down on this week, making him both one of his two ESPN waiver adds at TE and his pick for a boom performance at the position. He was also Charles' recommended waiver add in Week 4, so click here to see what he said about the Pittsburgh TE. If you need a longer-term TE, but not one you can use for this week, you could also consider stashing Robert Tonyan, who was Charles' other waiver pick at TE for this week.

(DST) Kansas City Chiefs [44.8% Rostered ESPN/83% Rostered Yahoo]: 

Called this one out in "Week 5 Movers & Shakers," but this Top-2 DST is still available in way too many ESPN leagues. Unless you have a Top-5 DST already, there is no excuse to not pick up Kansas City.

(K) Joey Slye [18.4% Rostered ESPN/59% Rostered Yahoo]: 

See my comments in "Week 5 Movers & Shakers" regarding this Slye fox.

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