2020 Season: Week 6 Recap (Monday Night Doubleheader Edition!)


Charles Herrmann (@HermsNFL)
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Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
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Given the fantasy relevance of the teams playing tonight, The Lateral is doing a surprise "Week 6 Recap" focused solely on the Monday night games. Charles will recap the action for the Bills and the Cowboys, and Malcolm will take the road teams and cover the Chiefs and Cardinals.

Week 6 Recap: Monday Night Doubleheader Edition!

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills (5 pm)

Kansas City Biggest Takeaway:

MM:  I mean... were you expecting me to talk about anyone but Clyde Edwards-Helaire?

Seriously, talks of the rookie's demise have been greatly exaggerated, and CEH killed it with 161 yards rushing on 26 carries and continued some good habits that will make sure he is not just an afterthought with the arrival of Le'Veon Bell next week. Which good habits were these? Well, what if I told you CEH is currently averaging over 5 targets per game and has zero fumbles so far? Seriously, zero fumbles. That is going to endear CEH to Andy Reid, especially if Le'Veon Bell makes mistakes early in his stint with the Chiefs.

Look, I am not going to lie to you and act like Le'Veon Bell's arrival will not take away volume. It absolutely will. However, I do not think this will hurt CEH significantly and could actually open up the dynamic back to some bigger runs, which could then translate to some TDs (which admittedly would be nice). You are going to lose the guaranteed volume RB1 we were hoping for at the beginning of the season, but instead, you are going to end up with a Kareem Hunt-lite change of pace back in Kansas City, which frankly sounds amazing.

Buffalo Bills Biggest Takeaway:

CH: I don't know that there's a tremendous amount we can take away from the Bills in a game with terrible weather, but if there's one thing to be said, it's that maybe RB Zack Moss is irrelevant now? It's one game back after sitting out multiple weeks with a toe issue, perhaps Buffalo is going to be conservative with integrating him back into the offense, but I am open to the possibility that Moss' year is lost simply due to circumstance and the fact that the team's best rusher is the QB.

I deal primarily in researching and projecting forward for redraft formats, and as far as I'm concerned Moss is in the potential drop territory. Upcoming in Week 7 is a prime matchup against the New York Jets; this is probably the big test to see if the Bills bring Moss back along or if it's another Allen-Singletary show. If we see this same degree of nothingness then I'd be ready to say abandon ship.

Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys (8:15 pm)

Arizona Cardinals Biggest Takeaway:

MM: Can my takeaway be that Dallas is awful and this game was irrelevant? No? Well alright then...

How about the fact that we now know how the running back situation is going to work out, and only those fantasy managers rostering Kyler Murray are going to be happy about it. Yes, Kenyan Drake had a good game tonight, but he will not get to play a bad defense every week, and his stat line was seriously boosted by a broken play that resulted in a 69-yard TD run, despite Arizona clearly just trying to eat up clock and end the game. Drake is going to remain the lead back the rest of the season to start every game, barring an injury. Chase Edmonds will be the only RB relevant in the passing game, and that relevance is going to range from week-to-week depending on game script. If Drake is bad in any given week, head coach Kliff Kingsbury will feed Edmonds, but if Drake plays well Edmonds will be TD-dependent (never a good thing). Finally, both RBs will suffer from Kyler Murray potentially just taking it to the house himself, especially if he continues to be more efficient as a runner than a passer like he was tonight.

In short? Only Kyler Murray is reliable running the ball for the Cards. Oh, and that Kyler for MP campaign? Kiss that goodbye if you cannot complete half of your passes. Seriously, 9 for 24 is not an appropriate stat line for a starting NFL QB, and it is going to be a problem against tougher opposition.

Dallas Cowboys Biggest Takeaway:

CH: Losing OG Zack Martin to a head injury only made matters worse for the Dallas offense tonight on top of RB Ezekiel Elliot bringing his season fumble total to five. With an offensive line down to a bunch of inexperienced players with a backup QB under center, things looked pretty terrible for Dallas in the first half, but I've got to hand it to them; things really did seem to pick up in the second half despite that not really being reflected on the scoreboard.

After QB Dak Prescott went down last week, many of us in the fantasy community were worried about the WRs and TE Dalton Schultz and rightfully so, but I think we saw enough to feel relatively okay with the Andy Dalton-led Cowboys offense. I'm out on WR Michael Gallup, but WRs Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb posted seven catch performances and Schultz did just enough to still be considered a low-end TE option. There are plenty of negatives we could focus on, but I like to take a half-full opportunity wherever I can find one.

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