2020 Season: Week 6 Recap


Charles Herrmann (@HermsNFL)
The Lateral Chief Editor

Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
The Lateral Writer

Not much to say here. Let's jump right into our Week 6 recap.

Week 6 Recap

Standout Performers

CH: That Derrick Henry guy is pretty good at football, eh? Hell, the Titans whole offense looked solid, but I've got more about them later on.

It's also been nice to see how well Tampa Bay RB Ronald Jones II has carried the ball in recent weeks. I know there are still plenty of people worried about the looming presence of RB Leonard Fournette, but I'm not really sure I'm one of them anymore. Sure, HC Bruce Arians has been known to be quick to pull a back for poor performance, but the leash Jones II has been on seems to have gotten longer. It's apparent to me that the strength of that Bucs offense is coming from the ground game and whatever happens for the receivers and that Brady fellow is a bonus. All in all it's just nice to see a kid who's been ragged on in recent years ball out. 

MM: Julio Jones finally looked like Julio again against Minnesota. Was Derrick Henry's day more impressive? Yes, but frankly nobody is sleeping on Henry anymore, and if you are then this fantasy football thing is not going to work out for you. But Julio? Despite probably being the best WR in the league since Terrell Owens/Randy Moss (I am giving him a slight edge on Calvin Johnson at this point), people were absolutely sleeping on him going into this week. Old, washed-up, injury-riddled; these are all words appropriate to describe A.J. Green (whose good performance this week will likely be an aberration rather than the norm), but not Julio. The injuries were absolutely a concern, and that is why I recommended him as a FLEX this week over a lock it in start, but it was never a question about the talent. Today reminded everyone that Calvin Ridley is only the second-best Alabama WR on the Falcons.

Bitter Disappointments

CH: So like, was Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki hurt or something? In such a slam dunk matchup against the Jets (who shockingly still employ HC Adam Gase as of this writing), you kind of figured there'd be a decent fantasy output from him, but nah; it was Adam Shaheen and *squints* ... Durham Smythe (?) that balled out from the tight end position for Miami. And look, the TE spot is tricky enough for fantasy as it is, but this seemingly anomalous wrench thrown into things plain sucked. Can't do much about it now but damn, that was big ol' stinker from Gesicki.

MM: I mean... are we not going to talk about how Aaron Rodgers started his day like this and then ended it on the bench? Do not get me wrong, I am sure this was nothing more than a bad game for Rodgers against a good defense, but the fact is he definitely lost some fantasy managers their game this week. 

Personal Fantasy Highlight/Lowlight

CH: I'm stayin' alive somehow in my important home league, so that's nice. The fact that I'm now 2-4 in that league is a lowlight in and of itself, but yeah, it's pretty cool. Otherwise I'm doing just fine across the board and it's all good for ya boi Charles.

MM: Here are the WRs for one of my rosters: Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, A.J. Brown, Justin Jefferson, and Tee Higgins. In a 12-team league. Just going to leave that there and move on to the next section.

What We Are Looking Forward to Next Week

CH: Dude(s), Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans is coming up on Sunday. Everyone hold onto your pants because that one's going to be a rip-snortin' razzle-dazzler. And as someone who long ago adopted the New Orleans Saints as a second team/NFC favorite (sorry/not sorry Dan Snyder), how about a little bit of intrigue for shutting down a potential Teddy Bridgewater revenge game (somehow if that counts) against the Carolina Panthers? Sign me up.

MM: I have been pretty adamant about not being on the Swift bandwagon, and so far this season I had been proved right, which is not all that satisfying given this is a talented RB being hampered by a bad situation. So it was a nice surprise to see him have a beautifully efficient game en route to an RB2 PPR finish. I am still concerned that Adrian Peterson got 1 more touch than Swift, but I am hoping the writing is on the wall and Patricia will feed the more dynamic back to save his job if nothing else.

What We Are Most Nervous About Going Forward

CH: The injury to Titans LT Taylor Lewan is a real bummer and will take him out for the rest of the 2020 season. Couple that with the departure of RT Jack Conklin to the Cleveland Browns from this off-season and you've got a bit of a concerning situation now.

Am I advocating for dealing away Titans players? Eh, not necessarily, but let's look at their upcoming opponents: vs PIT, @ CIN, vs CHI, vs IND, @ BAL, @IND.

Aside from the Bengals, that's a tough stretch of defenses Tennessee is going to be facing. I'm interested to see how the offensive lines hold up for QB Ryan Tannehill and the gang. TE Jonnu Smith already being considered questionable for Week 7 is also a bit of a red flag as well. I don't enjoy raining on parades, but there's a bit of a light drizzle for the Titans optimists. Do with all of that what you will.

MM: Julio Jones' hamstring? I kid, I kid. 

Honestly, I am seriously concerned that the New York Jets will still be listed as Adam Gase's current employer on LinkedIn when we wake up tomorrow. The fact that he has a job in the NFL, let alone a head coaching job, is a brutal indictment of the "old boys club" that is football. He needs to go, and that team and those players are only going to become more and more irreversibly damaged the longer this farce continues.

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