2020 Season: Week 6 Waiver Wire

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Did someone kill it last week only to be sitting in the free agent pool of your league? Did that sleeper you were so sure about turn out to be the third part of an RBBC, and now you cannot use him as a FLEX? Well, good news! You do not actually have to keep any of the players on your roster!

Okay, so that's not completely true. Sure, in most leagues you can, in fact, drop all the players you drafted and then replace them with new ones, but that would be dumb. What you can do though, is replace under-performing players and replace them with ones that you did not realize were going to have a significant role this season. You could also stream a player based on a match-up, but be careful, as the player you dropped is not necessarily someone you can get back.

Below you will find one player at each position that is available from Malcolm McMillan that is available in 50% or more of all Yahoo leagues and one player from Charles Herrmann at each position that is available in 50% or more of all ESPN leagues. Each name will be accompanied by a brief description of why you should add that player this week.

Week 6 Waiver Wire

Quarterback (QB)

Yahoo: Andy Dalton (3% rostered)

I dipped my toe into the water on this in yesterday's injury recap, but simply put Dalton is about to lead the top passing offense in the league for the rest of the season. Yes, part of why that passing offense is so potent is because Dak is so good, but Dalton is not exactly a scrub. While in Cincinnati, the Red Rifle was certainly passable, with three Pro Bowl seasons, a 62.0% completion rate, almost twice as many TDs as interceptions, and a fairly low sack rate. Yes, that last year in Cincy was bad, but so was that team. A fumble was a rough start on Sunday, but Dalton bounced back and led a game-winning drive (GWD) for the Cowboys, one more GWD than he had all last year in Cincy. Given the wide availability, if you need a QB this is your guy.

ESPN: Justin Herbert (35.3% rostered)

If anyone has a good recipe for preparing and cooking crow, I'd be glad to hear suggestions because I'm about to eat some. I pegged the Saints DST as a boom pick for Week 5 because Herbert is inexperienced, but I'll hand it to the young man; he's got moxie. 

It's unfortunate for fantasy managers in immediate need of a QB that the Chargers' bye week got shifted to this upcoming weekend, but the next five matchups for Herbert (vs JAX, @ DEN, vs LV, @ MIA, vs NYJ) are fairly advantageous. Trust a rookie with caution, but there's a chance the dude thrives.

Running Back (RB)

Yahoo: Alexander Mattison (40% rostered)

Also touched on this one in the injury recap, but this is a much simpler take. Mattison is an RB1 because he is talented and on the Vikings. Case and point? Last week he was RB13 and Cook was healthy for the first part of that game. Combined, Cook and Mattison had 37 attempts, 177 yards rushing, 1 rushing TD, 8 targets, 8 catches, and 48 receiving yards. So... 36.5 PPR points. Pick him up ASAP.

ESPN: Chase Edmonds (46.5% rostered)

I wrote about Edmonds in my RBBC breakdown piece recently. What we saw on Sunday only makes my prior case for rostering him stronger. 

Wide Receiver (WR)

Yahoo: Laviska Shenault Jr. (34% rostered)

Shenault Jr. is a WR2/WR3. Sitting at WR27, he is averaging 12.3 PPR points, and his game logs are the literal definition of a steady target increase. Seems that the rushing upside may go away from a game script perspective now that Jacksonville is leaning on him as a receiver, but honestly that is perfectly fine. Charles talked about him last week, so at this point, you really have no excuse.

ESPN: Chase Claypool (8.8% rostered)

I'd like to believe the stated opinions on Claypool by both Malcolm and I in yesterday's Week 5 recap article say all that there is to say on this one.

Tight End (TE)

Yahoo: Jimmy Graham (40% rostered)

Covered in Week 4 Sunday Morning Preview, basically everything I said holds true about Graham. Since that article, Graham has put up TE7 numbers, and it seems like a safe floor is pretty much a guarantee for him. Given other TEs such as my beloved Mo Alie-Cox are coming with some serious question marks after Week 5, Graham is a safe bet and a must roster.

ESPN: Eric Ebron (37.6% rostered)

I'm not intentionally trying to be lazy with this by once again linking to past takes, but I tooted the horn for Ebron ahead of Week 4, and while Sunday's output wasn't amazing, 7.3 ESPN PPR points isn't a bad thing considering how fickle TE can be. 

Defense/Special Teams (DST)

Yahoo: Miami Dolphins (2% rostered)

If I told you that the Dolphins were a Top-10 defense through five weeks, would you believe me? You should. Seriously, this Dolphins team has been one of the more interesting storylines of the past five weeks, and the defense holding serve more often than not is a big part of it. 14th in least points allowed and 8th in turnovers, the Dolphins also benefit from an easy schedule compared to a team like the Cleveland Browns, who also have a Top-10 DST so far in 2020. The Browns are more talented, but the AFC North is brutal, so I prefer the Dolphins here.

ESPN: New York Giants (1.1% rostered)

Let's be real: the Giants defense isn't as bad as I'm sure most of us thought they would be and playing Washington next week with the weird QB situation being what it makes this squad a target for me.

Kicker (K)

Yahoo: Younghoe Koo (34% rostered)

Koo was a consensus Top-10 kicker coming into the season, and it is, therefore, no surprise that last week he was a Top-10 kicker (K6). Expect his stock to rise as QB Matt Ryan struggles to get things done with the shit show that is the Atlanta Falcons. If you need further reasons to pick up Koo, bear in mind that despite missing a week he is still K9 through five weeks.

ESPN: Pick 'em

I go by Vegas over/under odds and pick a kicker based on the highest expected point totals when possible. As Week 6 odds are incomplete as of the writing of this piece, check in with me again on this in a few days when I make my boom/bust picks. 

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