2020 Season: Week 7 Recap


Charles Herrmann (@HermsNFL)
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Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
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Not much to say here. Let's jump right into our Week 7 recap.

Week 7 Recap

Standout Performers

CH: Shoutout Seahawks WR on the 53.0 ESPN PPR game last night. I can't imagine many receivers have gone over 50. That was pretty cool.

I think the real big thing here is the relevance of rookies so far in the 2020 season. Four rookie WRs scored at least 14.6 points, seven rookie RBs hit double-digits (Niners RB JaMycal Hasty and Patriots RB Damien Harris only missed that mark by a couple), and both Chargers QB Justin Herbert and Bengals QB Joe Burrow cracked 30 points, the former being the leader among QBs with 38.48 in ESPN scoring. Oh, and don't forget about Browns rookie TE Harrison Bryant leading the way among TEs with 21.6 points.

The 2020 rookie class has been tremendous. So many names to name but seriously, these players are going to be joys to watch for years to come.

MM: Look, either Charles or I could have talked about Davante Adams, and rightfully so. Even with high expectations against a bad Houston defense, nitpicking a 13/196/2 line is just ridiculous. 

So with that in mind, I am going to focus on the gold star performance from the San Francisco 49ers. As a Niners fan, I was pleased to see the team firing on all cylinders, and I will take the tiniest of victory laps on the DST as my "boom" pick this week. However, the standout performer was clearly Jeff Wilson Jr., who took on a lead role and shredded the usual "TD or bust" expectations that most analysts (rightfully) have for him. Over 100 rushing yards on 17 carriers is an excellent workload, so it is a disappointment that he went down after his third TD of the game. Hopefully, he can be healthy for Week 8 against the Seahawks, because he had Niners fans forgetting Raheem Mostert ever existed in Week 7.

Bitter Disappointments

CH: The Dallas Cowboys as a whole. Yikes. Aside from that, I think Malcolm did a good job covering the big injuries from yesterday's action and that's where my head is at. Anyone who invested in Cardinals RB Kenyan Drake has likely reached their wit's end and justifiably so. Kudos if you are the manager of RB Chase Edmonds. Also how about Odell Beckham Jr.'s overall tenure as a Cleveland Brown? I think at this point we can say that experiment failed. It seemed to me that after OBJ's injury QB Baker Mayfield looked better? I don't know that I'd be shocked to see Beckham Jr. move on at this point.

MM: I am staking a claim on the obvious choice here, and that is Cam Newton.

I picked Newton to be a bust this week, but even I could not have predicted just how bad it would get against the Niners. I certainly did not, even in my wildest dreams, ever imagine that Newton would play so bad that Belicheck would bench him for Jarrett Stidham. In ESPN leagues he put up -0.18 points; you would have been better off starting Los Angles Chargers backup QB Easton Stick, or an actual stick. I think Newton gets another shot against Buffalo, but I would bench him in your fantasy lineup at the very least.

Personal Fantasy Highlight/Lowlight

CH: I dodged facing Tyler Lockett. I'll take that and just be thankful.

MM: I had some good calls and some bad, but Todd Gurley accidentally scoring and costing me a game is all I can think about at this point.

What We Are Looking Forward to Next Week

CH: The rookies, man. I'm just so stoked about this bunch. Also peep the Week 8 schedule and you'll notice quite a few division matchups. Those are always a good time.

MM: Is La'Mical Perine the new lead back in New York? He and Frank Gore split carries 50/50, and Gore got zero passing down work, whereas Perine got 3 targets from Sam Darnold. However, if we look at who got the start, Gore clearly wins there, with 7 of his 11 carries coming in the first quarter. Game script seems not to have had an impact, as Perine got work both when the Jets were winning, and when they started playing like the Jets, and while Gore seems to have been more efficient with the work he was given, Perine got the rushing attempt within the 5-yard line, which would seem like Gore territory.

In short, the Jets are still the Jets, so betting on anyone but a healthy Crowder seems risky at this point. However, when compared to Week 6 against the Dolphins, the trend does seem to be positive for Perine, who should still be widely available. Why is comparing against Week 6 important? Adam Gase was still calling plays, and this week he was not. Interesting to note that this week Denzel Mims was the most targeted receiver (tied with Braxton Berrios), and while Jamison Crowder was out, and it was the first time we saw Mims, this could be a sign of a potential youth movement in New York.

What We Are Most Nervous About Going Forward

CH: The Cowboys.

MM: What will happen to the Cowboys going forward? Will they continue to field a team at this point? Is it worth it?

Joking aside, the good is gone in Dallas, and the bad is becoming the ugly with each passing game. Mike McCarthy just got completely outclassed by Riverboat Ron and The Fighting Football team, which cannot help the already brewing discontent in Jerry World. Add that to Andy Dalton exiting early with a concussion on what was a dirty play, and many fantasy managers are in trouble. 

How bad is it? Let us run down the list: Dak? Out. Dalton? Out. Ezekiel Elliott? 12 points in Week 6 and 6.1 in Week 7. Everyone's gut reaction is you have to keep playing Zeke, and that is probably right, but the fact that this is a conversation is scary. Dalton Schultz was 2 catches for 22 yards and is totally droppable at this point. Oh, and those vaunted WRs? 7 receptions on 14 targets for 80 yards. CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup were completely shut out. Granted, Washington is a bad match-up for WRs, as I discussed in boom/bust, but that is still shocking. Gallup is droppable in redraft by the way, and trade him in dynasty if you can.

The Cowboys likely need to make a trade for a new QB, or this season is over. Maybe they give the Dolphins a call, but I bet the Dolphins ask a fair amount for Fitzpatrick at this point. Honestly, they should just pack it in, get their backup QB some reps, trade Gallup for some picks or a defensive asset, and then fire McCarthy and hire Robert Saleh at the end of the season. Then once the ankle is healthy, pay Dak. This is an embarrassment, even to me, and I hate the Cowboys.

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