2020 Season: Week 8 Waiver Wire

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Charles Herrmann (@HermsNFL)
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Did someone kill it last week only to be sitting in the free agent pool of your league? Did that sleeper you were so sure about turn out to be the third part of an RBBC, and now you cannot use him as a FLEX? Well, good news! You do not actually have to keep any of the players on your roster!

Okay, so that's not completely true. Sure, in most leagues you can, in fact, drop all the players you drafted and then replace them with new ones, but that would be dumb. What you can do though, is replace under-performing players and replace them with ones that you did not realize were going to have a significant role this season. You could also stream a player based on a match-up, but be careful, as the player you dropped is not necessarily someone you can get back.

Below you will find one player at each position that is available from Malcolm McMillan that is available in 50% or more of all Yahoo leagues and one player from Charles Herrmann at each position that is available in 50% or more of all ESPN leagues. Each name will be accompanied by a brief description of why you should add that player this week.

Week 8 Waiver Wire

Quarterback (QB)

Yahoo: Tua Tagovailoa (29% rostered)/Teddy Bridgewater (44% rostered)

The rookie Dolphins QB is the only widely available QB that could possibly win you your league. Is it risky? Absolutely. The former Alabama product has two passes under his belt in the NFL and is coming off a hip injury that could have ended his career. On the other hand, he also could look like this.

If you just need a streamer, Teddy Bridgewater is also available in 56% of leagues and plays the Falcons. Literally could not be a better match-up.

ESPN: Derek Carr (25.9% rostered)

Kind of cheating off of my own homework here, but I did tell you to scoop Carr last week given that the Raiders are going up against a Browns defense that just surrendered 30+ points to rookie QB Joe Burrow. He's not a sexy option by any means, but Carr has shown he can do just enough to not make you hate yourself at worst and pay off handsomely at best. If you didn't plan ahead as the Kyler Murray or Deshaun Watson manager in your league, here's your guy to fill in on the bye.

Running Back (RB)

Yahoo: Carlos Hyde (12% rostered)

Full disclosure: San Francisco is a bad match-up for RBs. Like, really bad.

That being said, nobody on waivers is going to have the opportunity in Week 8 that Carlos Hyde has. I covered Hyde a bit in this week's injury recap, and he should be a plug-and-play replacement for Chris Carson while Carson deals with a foot injury. Yes, match-ups are important, but 15 rushing attempts and 4 targets are going to be tough to pass up, and that is what Hyde managed in relief this past Sunday against the Cardinals.

ESPN: La'Mical Perine (11.9% rostered)

I talk/tweet way too much about Niners RB JaMycal Hasty so I won't use this opportunity to do so again. Instead, I'll pivot to someone else who I told you was worth a speculative add ten days ago. My full feelings and thoughts on Perine are there and so far I haven't been wrong.

Wide Receiver (WR)

Yahoo: Brandon Aiyuk (49% rostered)/Corey Davis (28% rostered)

As I mentioned in this week's injury recap, Aiyuk has looked good the past couple of weeks and needs to be rostered with Deebo Samuel out (if not in general). Unfortunately, he may not be available in your Yahoo league.

But Corey Davis is! The Titans WR was heavily dropped due to COVID-19 and the ascendancy of A.J. Brown, but when not dealing with COVID-19 he has averaged 14.3 PPR points, which is (checks notes) pretty damn good! Even better news? He was the most targeted player this past week against the Steelers, even ahead of the aforementioned Brown. Snag this PPR machine this week on waivers and take advantage of others' misfortune! 

Wait that came out wrong...

ESPN: Donovan Peoples-Jones (0.1% rostered)

The injury to WR Odell Beckham Jr. opens the door for someone on the Cleveland Browns roster to step up. I understand the rationale behind picking up WR Rashard Higgins; I get it, but in my offseason prep for dynasty I saw this.

Peoples-Jones is someone who I felt was victim to subpar QB play during his time at the University of Michigan and flew under-the-radar as a result. Once again bringing it back to Higgins, the temptation is to take the incumbent guy who's been around, but Peoples-Jones was specifically selected by the Stefanski regime and if you juxtapose this catch from Sunday against the tape I previously linked understanding the difference between college and the pros, I still think it's pretty obvious to see what I'm seeing.

It's ballsy as hell, but I think Donovan Peoples-Jones is someone who can ball out in Cleveland. If you're interested in a safer pick, I'll throw in Texans WR Randall Cobb (13.7% rostered/on bye), but the bold leap is the guy I'm sure people in Michigan colloquially refer to as DPJ. 

Tight End (TE)

Yahoo: Richard Rodgers (9% rostered)

Rodgers is a streamer, but given that you may only get one week out of him and that he is available in 91% of leagues, you will have a real shot to pick him up off of waivers this week, despite the TE6 performance in Week 7. Best part? The week you get to play him is a fantastic match-up against the Dallas Cowboys, a team that gave up 16 PPR points to Logan Thomas (who finished just above Rodgers at TE5). While Goedert is likely back for Week 10, he may still miss more time than expected, and since Zach Ertz is also out, you could get more than just one week of production from Rodgers if you hold him through the Eagles' Week 9 bye.

ESPN: Dallas Goedert (28.6% rostered)/Logan Thomas (8.5% rostered)

Well, the first one here is obvious. Snag Goedert if he's available. Lowkey shoutout to Browns TE Harrison Bryant (0.9% rostered) too, I think that kid's solid for dynasty, but let's get to someone who I like more for redraft.

Logan Thomas has gotten the work thus far for D.C.'s embarrassingly beloved team and the difference between QB Kyle Allen and QB Dwayne Haskins' bum-ass is apparent. Given that the coaching staff of Washington comes from the Carolina Panthers, a team that sustained value for TE Greg Olsen for years, you know that Thomas will be involved and have value week-to-week in that system. The people (myself included) who had their eyes on him early had good reason and the change at QB should help solidify the case for rostering Thomas. Pick him up headed into the bye week knowing that the next four matchups are vs NYG, @DET, vs CIN, and @DAL.

If you don't love trusting a WFT player, you could always take a look at TE Gerald Everett (1.8% rostered). I think the whole Tyler Higbee thing is shot.

Defense/Special Teams (DST)

Yahoo: Miami Dolphins (14% rostered)

I am typing this as the Los Angeles Rams destroy the Chicago Bears, who are a good defense with a mediocre offense, so I am not as confident about this as I would like to be. However, Miami has played well so far and is a Top-10 defense (PPG) through seven weeks. We also saw San Francisco play well against the Rams in Week 6, and the Rams have turned the ball over at least once per game.

I do not love the streaming value here, but given what is available, and the ROS value, I still like targeting the Dolphins in waivers this week. If you need a boom/bust streamer, the Packers and Panthers have potentially exciting match-ups with questionable QBs.

ESPN: Los Angeles Chargers (37.9% rostered)

Broncos QB Drew Lock is not good at football (sorry Malcolm). The cheeky fan in me wants to recommend the Saints (42.4% rostered) against the Bears because I know New Orleans' D is talented and just hasn't put it together yet in my opinion, but to be on the safe side you should roll with the Chargers. The Broncos seem to be the Jets Lite when it comes to match-ups, and given the fact that the Chiefs DST is over 50% rostered facing the actual Jets this week, take the next best thing.

Kicker (K)

Yahoo: Randy Bullock (46% rostered)

If you listened to me last week, your kicker would have scored 10 points. Not shabby.

Jason Myers (15.5% rostered)

In a rare move, I'm actually going to recommend a kicker without playing the Vegas over/under game. Top-scoring offenses in the NFL are usually accompanied by a kicker with some good fantasy value, but the absurd efficiency of the Seahawks offense in the red zone so far in 2020 has resulted in Myers being used up sparingly (2 FG attempts in 5 weeks before the bye week) until Sunday night. As much as I love seeing QB Russell Wilson cook in his proverbial kitchen, I don't believe that the level of success Seattle had to start the year constantly converting TDs is sustainable. There's an easy case for Myers to be the NFC's Harrison Butker.

I'm not a particularly smart human being but I am aware enough of how the sport of football works to recognize that Jason Myers should theoretically be a phenomenal fantasy kicker going forward.

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