2020 Season: Week 9 Waiver Wire

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Charles Herrmann (@HermsNFL)
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Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)

The Lateral Writer

Did someone kill it last week only to be sitting in the free agent pool of your league? Did that sleeper you were so sure about turn out to be the third part of an RBBC, and now you cannot use him as a FLEX? Well, good news! You do not actually have to keep any of the players on your roster!

Okay, so that's not completely true. Sure, in most leagues you can, in fact, drop all the players you drafted and then replace them with new ones, but that would be dumb. What you can do though, is replace under-performing players and replace them with ones that you did not realize were going to have a significant role this season. You could also stream a player based on a match-up, but be careful, as the player you dropped is not necessarily someone you can get back.

Below you will find one player at each position that is available from Malcolm McMillan that is available in 50% or more of all Yahoo leagues and one player from Charles Herrmann at each position that is available in 50% or more of all ESPN leagues. Each name will be accompanied by a brief description of why you should add that player this week.

Week 9 Waiver Wire

Quarterback (QB)

Yahoo: Drew Lock (10% rostered)

Look, if Lock can do it against the Los Angeles Chargers, he can do it against the Falcons, who are one of two teams worse than the Chargers in terms of fantasy points allowed to QBs on a PPG basis. You can lock this one in as my boom pick later in the week too, no pun intended.

ESPN: Daniel Jones (18.6% rostered)

I'll be honest; this is a bad week for quarterback streaming. With the recent news of Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo missing time, I want to feel cheeky about his replacement Nick Mullens but a Thursday night game against Green Bay ain't exactly the greatest circumstance. As a result, I'll pivot to an option I don't love, like, or even really want to talk about.

Look, the Giants are not that good but they were able to hang with Tampa Bay last night and Daniel Jones didn't do that poorly if you squint and wince. It wasn't great against the NFL team in D.C. last go-around but the Football Giants' offense is a touch healthier now than they were then and like I said, this isn't exactly the best week to be QB needy.

This is likely the only time I'll ever say this but I'm highkey pretty sure this recommendation will not be good and you should only go this route if need be. I really hope your QB situation doesn't come to this. 

Running Back (RB)

Yahoo: Damien Harris (48% rostered)

Early bird gets the worm, and in this instance, Charles was the quickest to claiming Hasty.

So Damien Harris it is! Charles talked about him in Week 4, and then I talked about him in Week 5 and Week 6. It is not our fault that it just took a while for this pick to hit, but hit it did in Week 8. Harris finished RB11 in Week 8, and has a nice floor with the rushing volume. Plus, the Pats get the Jets in Week 9, so that is always an added bonus.

ESPN: JaMycal Hasty (45.6% rostered)

Look, I've spoken way too much about Hasty. Anyone who follows me knows this. I cannot express enough how much I believe in this kid.

Teammate Tevin Coleman probably won't be available on Thursday night and given the state of the offense , I think Hasty is a good move.

Wide Receiver (WR)

Yahoo: Corey Davis (48% rostered)

This is your final reminder to pick up Corey Davis. He will be ineligible for Movers & Shakers tomorrow. I full-on Men's Wearhouse level guarantee it.

ESPN: Curtis Samuel (37.1% rostered)

Man, I really liked him coming out of Ohio State in 2017. I have long felt he could be a fabulous gadget player if he could stay healthy and we're seeing his string things together now. The man's been killing it recently (peep the game logs) and I think his involvement in the Panthers offense is legit. Go for it with Samuel.

Tight End (TE)

Yahoo: Jordan Reed (3% rostered)

Read this week's injury article for my take on Reed, along with the disclaimer that you cannot expect him to stay healthy, but he is the only potential league winner available at TE this week. If you cannot risk Reed, get Logan Thomas, Eric Ebron, or Trey Burton instead, all of whom have been weekly candidates for TE1 performances over the past few weeks.

Logan Thomas (8.1% rostered)

What I said last week still applies. Make like the classic Shia LeBeouf .gif and just do it.

Defense/Special Teams (DST)

Yahoo: Miami Dolphins (16% rostered)

The Dolphins DST hype train has officially left the station and I am driving it like we are in the Tony Scott thriller Unstoppable. Could the Arizona Cardinals offense be Denzel and bring this to a screeching halt? Maybe, but after seeing what they did to the Rams and looking at their ROS value, I am scooping up shares wherever I can.

ESPN: New York Giants (14% rostered)

Here is what I said about the Giants in Week 6, and what Malcolm said about them in Week 7. Same stuff applies for the most part.

Kicker (K)

Yahoo: Jason Sanders (15% rostered)

Look, he had a bad week against the Rams, but Sanders literally has not missed all season. The bye week is gone, and Arizona should give him a fair amount of opportunity. Good ROS value and a good streamer in Week 9.

ESPN: Pick 'em

I go by Vegas over/under odds and pick a kicker based on the highest expected point totals when possible. As Week 9 odds are incomplete as of the writing of this piece, check in with me again on this in a few days when I make my boom/bust picks. 

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