McLateral's Dynasty Rankings: Top 12 WRs


Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
The Lateral Editor

Does it feel like we have been here before? Well, that is probably because we have... sorta! If you watched our Sideways Saturdays Livestream this past Saturday, you caught part two of our four-part dynasty rankings series. Just like with the RBs two weeks ago, the content from @HermsNFL@DFF_Karp, and @KiddFlashFF is amazing, and definitely worth a watch, but I am dropping a snapshot of my rankings here as a reference. Enjoy!

McLateral's Dynasty Rankings: Top 12 WRs

1. Tyreek Hill (KC)

Note: Full disclosure, after yesterday I am feeling a little vindicated about this one.

2. DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)

3. Davante Adams (GB)

4. Calvin Ridley (ATL)

Note: This easily felt like the most hotly contested of my rankings. Some of the guys towards the bottom were also a little contentious, but this had people split. And by people, I mean me versus everyone else.

5. A.J. Brown (TEN)

6. Justin Jefferson (MIN)

7. Stefon Diggs (BUF)

Note: The takes on Diggs stuck out to me as probably the most varied and most interesting. There were basically two camps, but even within the camps, the reasons for where he got ranked were all a bit different.

8. D.K. Metcalf (SEA)

9. Allen Robinson II (CHI)

10. Chris Godwin (TB)

11. Keenan Allen (LAC)

12. Michael Thomas (NO)

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