McLateral's Dynasty Rankings: Top 12 QBs


Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
The Lateral Editor

If you watched our Sideways Saturdays Livestream this past Saturday, you caught part three of our four-part dynasty rankings series. As with the past two rankings, I have given you a summary of my rankings here for your reference.

Unlike in part one with the RBs or part two with the WRs, @DFF_Karp, @KiddFlashFF, and I were in agreement on a lot of these guys, so for the second half of the show, we pivoted to discussing some guys outside the top-12. Still, the content was (as always) amazing, even with @HermsNFL unfortunately MIA. Go give it a watch and enjoy!

McLateral's Dynasty Rankings: Top 12 QBs

1. Patrick Mahomes (KC)

2. Dak Prescott (DAL)

Note: I am not concerned about Dak's injury at the moment. If I become concerned as the season gets closer, he may slide down my rankings.

3. Deshaun Watson (HOU)

4. Josh Allen (BUF)

5. Kyler Murray (ARI)

6. Lamar Jackson (BAL)

Note: This was the first ranking I had some hesitancy with. While Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray all are so close that it is possible to have them in any order and easily justify it, I felt good about the order I have them in. Lamar feels a distinct tier below them due to the lack of passing upside. I could see Justin Herbert passing him at some point during the 2021 season and a leap from Joe Burrow combined with stagnation from Lamar could have him falling even further by this time next year. At the moment though, the floor for Lamar is enough to keep him here.

7. Justin Herbert (LAC)

8. Joe Burrow (CIN)

Note: See note about Dak Prescott. At the moment, I fully expect Burrow to return to his pre-injury form and then (hopefully) improve as well.

9. Russell Wilson (SEA)

10. Aaron Rodgers (GB)

11. Ryan Tannehill (TEN)

Note: Rodgers and Tannehill are nearly interchangeable, but because I think Rodgers still has three years, I gave him the nod. If I was looking at a five-year window, I would lean Tannehill.

12. Trevor Lawrence

Note: Lawrence will likely move to the QB9 spot in my rankings the moment he is drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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