McLateral's 2021 Accountability Bible

Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
The Lateral Editor

What if you had a place where you could see all the fantasy-related takes from your favorite analysts and content creators? A place where all the receipts from a given season can be found so that you know maybe there is an issue when someone ranks 34 different running backs as RB2s with upside.

Well, I cannot speak for your favorite analysts and content creators, but at the very least I will be providing you with just such a place in 2021! Below is what I call the "Accountability Bible," which is a written record of my takes in a given year. A couple things worth keeping in mind as you go through this:
  1. This is for fantasy takes only. This is not where you will find my take on, "Is deep-dish actually pizza?" (pizza, like morality, is relative).
  2. This is seriously for fantasy takes only. Even takes such as, "I think Aaron Jones will sign with the Bills," will not be on this list. That is a broader NFL take rather than a fantasy take. However, "Aaron Jones will be better in 2021 now that he has signed with the Dolphins in a presumed bell-cow role," would make the cut.
  3. These takes will mostly be related to redraft. If it is a dynasty take that is really important, I may slide it in, but do not expect it much. This is partially due to the literally constantly changing landscape in dynasty, and partially due to The Lateral's focus on redraft.
  4. I am not going to regurgitate every little take from an article. The point of this is to add value, rather than become a useless mess. For example, if I say Nyheim Hines is a good waiver add in an article, I probably will not add that to the Accountability Bible. However, if I instead say Nyheim Hines needs to be added because he is a guaranteed RB2, that is something that will be added to the Accountability Bible. That is a strong take that needs to be held accountable.
  5. I will try to provide links when/where I can, but I would rather post a take here without the link, than not post it because I could not find the link.
  6. If the take is proven right in season, proven wrong in season, requires a note, etc., it will be listed underneath the take in italics.
That is basically the whole concept. Hopefully, this will be as useful for you as I hope it will be for me, but worst case it will be nothing more than just another forgotten part of the internet. If you noticed I missed something by the way feel free to (respectfully) let me know! I want this to be as comprehensive as possible.

McLateral's Accountability Bible: 2021 Season

March 2021

Michael Gallup has a WR2 ceiling and a WR4 floor (link to tweet)

AJ Dillon is an RB2 lock if Aaron Jones does not return to Green Bay 
  • Updated this take to state that Dillon is likely RB16-RB22 in 2021 (link to tweet)
  • With the re-signing of Aaron Jones, it is unlikely (but not impossible!) that Dillon is an RB2 in 2021
Jalen Hurts and Taysom Hill are likely both QB10-12 (link to tweet)

Terry McLaurin has a WR2 ceiling unless Washington gets a good QB (link to tweet)
  • With the signing of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, I now believe McLaurin will be a (low-end) WR1 (link to tweet)
If healthy, Cowboy's QB Dak Prescott will be QB1 in 2021 (link to tweet)

Jacksonville RB James Robinson and Chicago RB David Montgomery were always more likely to be RB2s rather than RB1s in 2021 (link to tweet)

New England DST will finish as a top-8 DST and be drafted at around ADP DST12 (link to tweet)

Josh Jacobs will not finish as an RB1 in 2021 (link to article)

Kenyan Drake will not finish higher than a fringe RB2/RB3 in 2021 (link to article)
  • For clarity, I will say that Kenyan Drake will not be a top-20 RB in 2021
AJ Dillon will be at least an RB3 in 2021 (link to article)

Neither New England TE Hunter Henry or New England TE Jonnu Smith is likely to finish as a TE1, and there is no chance that they both will (link to article)

Will Fuller V will score less PPG in 2021 than he did in 2020 (link to article)

Only two of the following Jacksonville WRs will finish as a top-48 WR: D.J. Chark, Laviska Shenault Jr., Marvin Jones Jr. (link to article)

April 2021

D.J. Moore has a WR2 ceiling in Carolina with the current roster construction (link to tweet)

James Conner will not be an RB2 in 2021 (link to tweet)
  • Clarification: This means I do not think he will finish top-24
If the Bengals fix their offensive line, Joe Burrow will be the 2021 late-round sophomore breakout QB (link to video)

May 2021

If healthy, Cowboy's QB Dak Prescott will be QB1 in 2021 (link to podcast appearance)
  • Yes, I am doubling down on this one
Allen Robinson will be a top-12 WR in 2021 (link to podcast appearance)

Tyler Boyd will be top-25 WR in 2021 (link to livestream/podcast appearance)

June 2021

Blake Jarwin will finish TE11 in 2021 (link to tweet)

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