McLateral's 2021 PPR QB Redraft Draft Rankings!

McLateral's PPR QB Redraft Draft Rankings!

Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
The Lateral Editor

Editor's note: As draft season is essentially here, these rankings will be updated less frequently. In case of injury, they will be updated as soon as possible, but otherwise, updates are unlikely.

When fantasy analysts talk about redraft, this refers to season-long fantasy football. Typically these leagues have 10-12 teams, with 15-16 roster spots. Of all these roster spots, only one needs to be a QB.

So yes, you are correct. I did not need to rank all 116 NFL QBs given that the typical redraft league drafts at most 24 QBs (one starter, one bench). But here is the thing... 

It was actually a really good idea.

Okay, did I need to really do every QB to gain the full value of this exercise? Probably not. But by going through every QB, and every roster, it made me really think about what decisions go through my mind when putting one player against the other. Especially with the backups. With the backups, you have to take the talent into account, but the surrounding talent, offensive scheme, and the job stability of the starter become so much more important. In short, the exercise makes you think holistically about both the offense and the quarterback position.

I hope you enjoy these rankings as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Stay tuned for RB, TE, WR, even kickers, and defense/special teams!