Zacky's 2021 PPR QB Redraft Draft Rankings

Zacky's 2021 PPR QB Redraft Draft Rankings!

Zach Crutcher (@ZackyNFL)
The Lateral Contributor

What an exciting year for ranking quarterbacks! Not only did we see an offensive explosion in 2020 that led to QBs to near-unprecedented point totals, but we also have a group of very talented rookies entering the league in 2021. 

In 2020, only 3 QBs selected outside the top-12 in terms of average draft position finished inside the top-12 at the end of the season. Mobile QBs who can score points through the air and on the ground are changing the QB landscape and while the supply is limited, the demand is through the roof. Plus, more and more young QBs are entering the league and making early impacts, and this rookie class feels no different. 

For the veterans, particularly the less mobile pocket passers, a highly efficient season or an outlier TD-rate is becoming more and more necessary to break away from the pack and join the elite. With the number of QBs that could occupy QB6 to QB20, late-round QBs may be back and better than ever, so I ranked my top-32 quarterbacks for 2021. This way you get some of those late-round sleepers that could still be fantasy relevant. I hope you enjoy reading and critiquing these ranks as much as I enjoyed making them.

Editor's note: The alternating green-highlighted and non-highlighted sections in these rankings designate tiers. This means those players are considered to be of a similar caliber from a fantasy standpoint for one reason or another.