Zacky's 2021 PPR RB Redraft Draft Rankings

Zacky's 2021 PPR RB Redraft Draft Rankings!

Zach Crutcher (@ZackyNFL)
The Lateral Contributor

Running back is likely the most volatile position in fantasy football. While wide receiver is a largely talent-driven position due to the nature of having to earn targets, RBs rely heavily on volume to be successful. While there could be as many as five WRs on the field at a time, teams typically only have a single RB on the field, two max. This positional scarcity means that every season there are RBs that are virtually unknown prior to their breakout -- whether that lasts for a week, a month, or a whole season. Opportunities can simply break their way whether or not the player is on our radar!

In a typical 12-team league most managers will be looking to roster somewhere between four to six RBs, so ranking the top-50 RBs is usually enough. Sure, there will always be running backs who come out of nowhere (usually due to injury), but typically projecting for injury is a bad process. Therefore, many of these top-50 RBs are guys that we can reasonably target without requiring projecting for these injuries. Once those players are ranked, then you can look at players that profile well, were acquired with significant draft capital, or are the clear backup option on their team.

The process of ranking these players; accounting for individual player skill, their team’s 2021 outlook, and the competition that they face, was a really enjoyable experience! It really allowed me to dive deep into 32 unique and interesting backfields, and determine which players are undervalued (or overvalued!) compared to consensus and average draft position. I hope you enjoy reading and critiquing these ranks as much as I enjoyed making them.

Editor's note: The alternating green-highlighted and non-highlighted sections in these rankings designate tiers. This means those players are considered to be of a similar caliber from a fantasy standpoint for one reason or another.