Zacky's 2021 PPR TE Redraft Draft Rankings

Zacky's 2021 PPR TE Redraft Draft Rankings!

Zach Crutcher (@ZackyNFL)
The Lateral Contributor

Tight End is shaping up to be an extremely unbalanced position again in 2021. There are a few clear players at the top and then a huge array of players that are all interchangeable to some extent. Once you get into that second group of TEs, most of the differences will come down to touchdowns, which tend not to be stable year over year. 

A big aspect for ranking TEs came down to projecting the offenses, and then examining if each TE will see enough targets that translate to touchdowns. It is a very thought-provoking exercise because of how the low target volume the position typically sees forces you to think, especially when trying to rank the top-32. I hope you enjoy reading and critiquing these ranks as much as I enjoyed making them.

Editor's note: The alternating green-highlighted and non-highlighted sections in these rankings designate tiers. This means those players are considered to be of a similar caliber from a fantasy standpoint for one reason or another.