Zacky's 2021 PPR WR Redraft Draft Rankings

Zacky's 2021 PPR WR Redraft Draft Rankings!

Zach Crutcher (@ZackyNFL)
The Lateral Contributor

Honestly, wide receiver is my favorite position in football. Ranking them for fantasy is no different, it's simply the best.

I went 50 WRs deep, but you could easily talk me into ranking the top-100 or even top-150 and I’d still be having a blast. Juggling the trend of increased success of new WRs entering the NFL and producing right away while being cognizant of the safety and experience that older veterans provide is a difficult task. With the inevitable shocks and tremors during the course of the regular season, there will be opportunities for WRs on every team to get onto the field and earn targets if they are good enough.

I am more excited to see how this position unfolds than any other, and I hope you enjoy reading and critiquing these ranks as much as I enjoyed making them.

Editor's note: The alternating green-highlighted and non-highlighted sections in these rankings designate tiers. This means those players are considered to be of a similar caliber from a fantasy standpoint for one reason or another.