2021 Season: Week 5 Sunday Storylines

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Malcolm McMillan (@McLateralFF)
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Week 5 is going to be the last week for Sunday Storylines. No, The Lateral is not going on the injured reserved like every running back on your fantasy football roster. However, we are tailoring our content to be as actionable, timely, and sideways as possible for our readers. So keep an eye out next Monday, when The Lateral will be featuring a new weekly column from a new contributor. 

Now, onto the news.

Week 5 Sunday Storylines

Trey Lance, Jalen Hurts Bailed Out By Their Rushing Upside

Zero touchdowns, two interceptions, less than four hundred passing yards and 29 incomplete passes. Those were the combined numbers of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance. 119 rushing yards, 25 rushing attempts and two rushing touchdowns. Those were also the combined numbers of Hurts and Lance. Lance ultimately still fell short in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals and likely will finish no higher than QB19 in Week 5. However, Hurts has probably managed a top-8 fantasy football finish this week. That is how much a high rushing floor matters now in today's fantasy football leagues. For comparison, Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills probably had the best passing performance of any quarterback in the league yesterday and scored less than two points more than Hurts. Fantasy football managers need to draft a quarterback who can do both when they draft next year.

Do We All Owe Dave Gettleman An Apology?

No. Well, maybe. Probably, but most people will not want to. 

Why does the New York Giants general manager deserve an apology? Two words: Kadarius Toney. Toney was drafted by Dave Gettleman and the Giants in the first round last year, a decision that was widely lampooned. Repeatedly. Constantly. Essentially from the moment it happened until as recently as two weeks ago.

Which was about the last time that anyone could deride Gettleman for drafting the rookie wide receiver. Since Week 4, Toney has been WR6 per FantasyPros in point-per-reception (PPR) fantasy football scoring. Has that come during a period where the Giants offensive players have dropped like flies? Sure. Is it still impressive? Absolutely. So from everyone who bashed this pick (myself included), "I am sorry."

Do not worry Giants fans. You can still question Gettleman for the whole Odell Beckham Jr. saga.

Roster Any Running Back With A Pulse

As if finding a viable fantasy football running back was not bad enough thanks to usage, injuries have been devasting in 2021. Week 5 was continued to be brutal, with Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley joining the slew of injured running backs. These injuries have started to seriously impact fantasy football scorelines. This past week alone saw numerous backup running backs finish in the top-24 in PPR fantasy football scoring, including Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison and New York Giants running back Devontae Booker, who are both currently in the top-12 in PPR fantasy football leagues. Fantasy football managers need to be considering any running back for their roster, even San Francisco 49ers running back Trey Sermon if they are desperate enough (or if it is a deep enough league). 

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