Welcome To The Lateral!

The Lateral (@TheLateralFF

Hey there, and welcome to The Lateral: A Sideways Look at Fantasy Football.

Who are we?
The Lateral was founded in 2020 by Herms and McLateral, two Washington D.C. area natives, fantasy league rivals, and long-time pals. We spent most of the NFL season and off-season for years arguing with each other about players, our draft strategies, and general philosophies around fantasy football already, so we figured why not bring our ideas to the public?

Why should I listen to you?

Great question. Simply put, it is understood that trust is earned, and we recognize the importance of research and numbers to back up what we have to say. Together, we have combined for plenty of fantasy titles; however, we are sure several of you have won in the past as well. All we can do is offer listeners our advice, have them judge for themselves, and hopefully trusting The Lateral makes you look good come playoff time! We feel pretty optimistic about those chances. Plus, we're kinda funny.

What does The Lateral offer?

Our primary focus is redraft, but we'll occasionally talk about dynasty formats as well.

In season, we offer a weekly podcast and video show on the Fantasy Six Pack YouTube channel. You can find that stuff on the homepage.

Who is Herms?

Herms (@HermsNFL on Twitter) is a podcast nerd whose love of the fantasy game is only exceeded by his obsession(s) with pizza and a good pun. The proud owner of an as-yet-to-be-written and released solo acoustic singer-songwriter EP dating back to 2011, Herms enjoys spending countless hours watching Law and Order marathons, complaining about the Pittsburgh Steelers, and brainstorming tattoo ideas.

Who is McLateral?

McLateral (@McLateralFF on Twitter) is at best a jack-of-some-trades but most certainly a master of none. When not writing about fantasy football, Malcolm spends his time wondering what on earth possessed him to write about fantasy football while enjoying a nice scotch and listening to some jazz. Or pounding back a High Life and rocking out to some hardcore punk. Depends on the day. He also writes for Tom's Guide for his day job. You can find that stuff at @MacMillanATL on Twitter.

Anything else?

That about covers it on our end. We hope you enjoy our content and can use this information better your odds of bringing home the title in however many leagues you participate in. If we could guarantee a title, we would, but at the very least, we at The Lateral believe our content can help you be just a little better than you would have been otherwise. 

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